MOTHER SPARROW- a compilation

MOTHER SPARROW- a compilation The Music of Mother Sparrow is crackling and scratchy. “Life-affirming suicidepop”, wrote the danish music magazine Soundvenue back in 2009, and gave 6 stars to Mother Sparrows only release. A special headline, because of the sad fact, that the front figure of Mother Sparrow, Jannick Wiinblad, took his own life just a few months after this review. It was the mentioned release, in the back of the poetry book “My Little Brother”, written by Jannick Wiinblads sister, that made me aware of Mother Sparrows music. I became a fan right away, touched by this album filled with fragile, adventurous and extremely present songs. Since then I have been wondering and feeling sad about the fact that there was not much material to be found in this unique musical universe, and also I could feel that “out there” other people shared my wish to hear more. Because Mother Sparrow dissolved after Jannicks escape from life, their career ended before it had a chance to take off. I contacted earlier band member and guitar player in Mother Sparrow, Julian Holm Steensen, and suggested to make a compilation. Together with Julian Holm Steensen I have been digging through the archives. There is music for eight whole albums. And we would love to share this music with YOU. We wish to start out with a release on vinyl. A personal release. Personal music in itself, including material such as small texts, sketches etc. Furthermore, Julian Holm Steensen(Mother Sparrow), Egon Egholm(Mother Sparrow) and I have invited some of our favorite musicians to come and wake up the memory of Jannick Wiinblad and Mother Sparrow for this one time only, at Loppen, on the 8th or 9th of February 2013. Names such as: Andreas Hjertholm(Atomfax), Brian Batz(Sleep Party People), Boho Dancer, Cavio, David Fjelstrup(From Sarah), Den Fjerde Væg, Kaspar Kaae(CODY), My Lambertsen, Saint Nielsen, aswell as Julian Holm Steensen & Egon Egholm(Mother Sparrow). Each band will give their version of a self-chosen Mother Sparrow number. It will be an amazing experience for sure and we look forward to seeing you, and to share more from the Mother Sparrow archive. WHAT WILL WE SPEND THE MONEY ON? Your support will make it possible to hold the concert and give out the double vinyl. The money for the concert will be used for; transport of instruments, payment for the concert place-Loppen, salery to the sound dude, who will make it all run smooth, as well as food for the musician playing for free, and helpers assisting. Though we have the music, it might need a bit of mastering before beeing able to put out on the Vinyl. And off course, for printing the Double Vinyl in a good quality, which is very important! If there will be money left, from your support, we will use it to try and give out one more release, eventuel also make a nice recording of the live-special-concert, and a musicvideo. We have your contact info and will be in touch in case this is possible. AND If we don´t raise enough money to realise the project, You will get your money back!!! Meanwhile you can listen to some music at follow the project at and support the project at On the behalf of the project Mother Sparrow Carina Randløv filmdirector, visual artist and project initiator


By Sigrún Gudbrandsdóttir. THIS PHOTO BOOK is a collection of portraits and festive images of writers, musicians, artists, friends and strangers. And – I REACHED MY GOAL - THANK YOU SO MUCH!! while I'm working on it, you can still buy the book here.

IKI - The Second Journey

IKI is a free improvising vocal band of 8 women from Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland, bound together by intuitive music making. When IKI enters the stage everything is completely improvised and made up on the spot. There are no rules - anything can happen! In 2010 we released our debut album and now the time has come to make our second album. We recorded the music this summer in Iceland, together with the guitar player and improviser Hilmar Jensson, and we are very happy with the result. But we don't have the money to mix, master and print the record. Therefore we ask for YOUR help.